Project Description

In 2011, a group of vetereans from bwin / Ongame started working on a new startup idea: vsJack. It is like normal blackjack, but instead of playing against the house you play against other players, taking turns at being the dealer.

When it came to choosing a platform vendor, they immediately thought of the multiplayer server they’d heard so much about: Firebase.
They contacted us in May and the very next day one of us started working on a prototype. Within a week we had the first version playable with a text client and started working on the graphical client. The beauty of Cubeia’s broad competence is that with just one Cubeia consultant on the project we could provide expertise in server, client and back office development.

A year down the line, vsJack has now launched successfully and without any technical hiccups. They just added tournament support and lots of new features are in the pipeline.

To quote Christian Andersson, CEO at Vooxn AB (who supplies the technology for vsJack):

The decision to use Cubeia Firebase for the multiplayer gambling platform for vsJack was a no-brainer. It has saved us a lot of development time and allowed us to concentrate more on our unique offering and ultimately bring more value to the players. Firebase has enabled our game and I have no doubt it will also enable the expansion of our customers as they scale up from here.
Christian Andersson, Vooxn AB