Project Description

Late spring 2007 we were contacted by Jadestone AB in Stockholm. They were looking for a platform on which to build their new multiplayer network DiceArena. As they describe their game idea:

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Building a brand new network demands that you not only design and implement a new game, you also need to build and maintain a server capable on handling the traffic to your new – and hopefully very successful – offering. Building a multiplayer server capable of handling todays demand on uptime and scalability is a commitment of many man-years of development and embodies a significant risk for the project. Recognizing this, Jadestone was looking for a ready-made platform to build DiceArena upon, and soon realized Cubeia Firebase was exactly what they were looking for.

Cubeia employees also have experience from building several different game offerings, ranging from poker, to mahjong and casinos, and as such it was decided that we would also enter the newly started DiceArena project with one resource, to be hand picked jointly by Jadestone and Cubeia depending on need. As such, Jadestone has been able to utilize several key resources from Cubeia where needed in the project, within game programming, wallet and back office services, flash programming, Java performance and stability analysis, and much more.

We entered the project in June 2007 and in December 2008 DiceArena was launched. Since Firebase was used as the server platform Jadestone could reduce the number of resources needed on server development, thus significantly lowering the overall risk and – crucially – time to market for the product, while allowing Jadestone’s server programmers to concentrate on the games and not the platform.

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So how did it go? Well, it’s a rhetorical question by now, the launch was a technical success, DiceArena was named the “Top Innovation” of 2008 by Gambling Online Magazine and players and operators both are now queuing up to roll the dice.