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High performance

High performance, extremely stable & production proven solution

Easy to skin and modify

The Cubeia Poker client is easy to skin and modify to match your brand

HTML5 client

HTML5 client allows your players to play on almost any device


Gamification such as achievements, leaderboards & more

Bonus system

Bonus system including bonus accounts with partial payouts


Share hands through the HTML-based hand-replayer

Mobile Mobile

Change the
Game with Cubeia Poker

Cubeia Poker is an turn key poker system built for real money gaming. It includes client, game-server, back-office, bonus-system, single-wallet integrations and much more. Cubeia Poker as a system has been in production with real money for many years and is a proven, stable & highly performant system.

Poker Client

HTML5 & JavaScript

The Cubeia Poker client is 100% written in HTML5 and JavaScript. The end result is that if you have internet connection and a browser – you can play Cubeia Poker. The client is responsive and scales up and down with the screen size as well as adapts the layout.

Why? Because the number of devices are growing and HTML5 is the only standard that works over all devices.

Poker Poker

Drive Game
Play with Gamification

Cubeia Poker is not just a poker game. We have also added a meta-game around around the poker game to allow players to pursue something more than just winning the next hand. These gamification features includes daily, weekly & monthly challenges; Leaderboards; Achievements; Premium avatar loot drop and more.

These gamification creates an added incentive to play and the numbers shows that it works. Player really do enjoy pursuing the challenges & achievements.


Boost your numbers

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your players enjoy and use the product. Cubeia Poker installations typically beat the industry average significantly. We are especially seeing a much higher retention than the industry average. Since the nature of a HTML solution is to provide a low threshold to open and login a web-based game means that your players can access the game from any computer, at home and at work, and from virtually any device/phone/tablet, which drives both signups & retention.

Using the Bonus and Challenge System you can setup challenges for players to complete to get bonuses, tickets to tournaments or unlock freerolls. This creates a fun incentive for players to play more on the cash tables as well as helping to boost game play and liquidity in the lobby.

Game Types
  • Texas Holdem
  • Telesina
  • Crazy Holdem (Crazy Pineapple)
  • Five-card Stud
  • Seven-card Stud
  • Open Face Chinese Pineapple
  • Sit & Go
  • Multi-table Sit & Go
  • Scheduled Tournaments
  • Tournament Tickets
  • Buy in with Tickets and/or cash
  • Satellites
  • Bounty Tournaments
  • Freerolls, guaranteeds, added money etc.
  • HTML5
  • Responsive (works with devices of different sizes)
  • Full screen mobile view and layout
  • Easily skinnable using standard CSS
  • Multi-tabling
  • Multiple languages
  • Integrates as an iFrame
Back Office
  • Manage table types in lobby
  • Manage Sit & Go tournaments
  • Schedule tournaments
  • User and money account handling
  • Search and view hand histories
  • Wallet request audit
  • Collusion risk detection algorithms
  • Multiaccounting detection algorithms
  • Metrics & top player reports
  • Integrates with external metrics services such as Amplitude, Mixpanel etc.
  • Manage achievements, challenges, leaderboards, bonuses etc.
License License