Commercial Licence

Cubeia has been active in the iGaming industry for more than seven years, we know the demands and requirements of the industry. Cubeia Poker is a leading professional level poker system for operators that don’t want to compromise on quality. Our HTML5 based poker is probably the most advanced HTML5 poker software on the market today and our software is currently beating the industry average on both retention and ARPU.

When it comes to licensing we typically look at your needs and tailor the system & license to fit your requirements. Maybe you need a turn-key solution or maybe you need to integrate with an existing platform. By customizing what components to include and looking at any existing system(s) that might need to be integrated, we can make sure that you get the best solution for your needs.

Finding Your License

In order for us to give you a more tailored solution then please send us an email with your inquiry. We ask that you provide the following information as it will help us to give you a more relevant answer:

  • What market will you target? (Real money/play money and geographically)
  • What jurisdiction will you host in and do you currently hold a license there?
  • Do you have an existing player base?
  • Do you have an existing system you need to integrate with?
  • How long have your company been around? If a new company please talk about your funding status.
  • What other gaming products does the company provide (if any)?

Please keep in mind that we only work with well-established igaming companies and parties. After reviewing your initial information we will get back to you.