Cubeia Poker is an Awesome Poker System

Cubeia Poker is an turn key poker system built for real money gaming. It includes client, gameserver, back-office, bonus-system , single-wallet integrations and much more. Cubeia Poker as a system has been in production with real money for years and is a proven, stable and highly performant system.

The Cubeia Poker client is 100% written in HTML5 and Javascript. The end result is that if you have internet connection and a browser – you can play Cubeia Poker. The client is responsive and scales up and down with the screen size as well as adapts the layout.

Why? Because the number of devices are growing and HTML5 is the only standard that works over all devices.

We built Cubeia Poker using experiences from working on other large poker and gaming network systems. Cubeia Poker is a completely modularized and decoupled system, you will see no entangled services. You will find no monolithic database schema in the center. All servers can be started completely stand-alone or together with a select group of services, lowering the barrier for developers to be productive and speeding up development significantly.

Why? Because development throughput matters.

Boost your numbers

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your players enjoy and use the product. Cubeia Poker installations typically beat the industry average significantly. We are especially seeing a much higher retention than the industry average. Since the nature of a HTML solution is to provide a low threshold to open and login a web-based game means that your players can access the game from any computer, at home and at work, and from virtually any device/phone/tablet.

Using the Bonus and Challenge System you can setup challenges for players to complete to get bonuses or unlock freerolls. This creates a fun incentive for players to play more on the tables as well as helping to boost game play and liquidity in the lobby.

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Some Reasons to Choose Cubeia Poker

We believe Cubeia Poker is the best offering on the market today, not because the number of features but because of the quality of the system.

  • Cubeia Poker is a production proven solution
  • Cubeia Poker is easily extended or modified due to its decoupled design
  • Advanced HTML5 client that works on desktop, mobile phones and tablets
  • Achievements, Challenges and Leaderboards available
  • Bonus system including bonus accounts with partial payouts
  • HTML-based hand-replayer

Select Features

  • Texas Holdem
  • Telesina
  • Crazy Holdem (Crazy Pineapple)
  • Five-card Stud
  • Seven-card Stud
  • Sit & Go
  • Multi-table Sit & Go
  • Scheduled Tournaments
  • HTML5
  • Responsive (works with devices of different sizes)
  • Easily skinnable using standard CSS
  • Easy to change layout using standard CSS
  • Lobby
  • Multi-tabling
  • Multiple languages
  • Manage table types in lobby
  • Manage Sit & Go tournaments
  • Schedule tournaments
  • Integrates with Cubeia Network
  • Search and view hand histories
  • Global search function
  • Configurable through Achievement Admin
  • Can trigger on currency
  • Can trigger on specific operator
  • Can trigger on game type
  • Exposed through player and operator API
  • Configurable through Achievement Admin
  • Notification pop ups in the client
  • Exposed through player and operator API
  • Experience and level up
  • Achievements like “win with a full house”
  • Achievements like “play 1000 hands”
  • Awards, e.g. get a medal for winning a sit-n-go
  • Items, e.g. win a drink icon in a tournament
  • Awards and Items can be time-limited
  • Single wallet integration available
  • Rock solid double-entry bookkeeping system
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Supports network, i.e. multiple operators
  • WordPress integration plugin available


Cubeia Poker supports multi-tabling in a manner similar to a desktop client. Players can open tables in smaller pop-up windows that are fully resizable. Tables can also be auto-tiled on screen where they are maximized to take full advantage of the screen real estate.

Multiple External Tables

Hand Replayer

Players can share a hand by a simple press of a button in the client. A URL is generated that can be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. The Hand Replayer is also 100% HTML and features playback features such as speed, pause and jump back and forth through actions.

Hand Replayer

Responsive Lobby

The lobby is responsive and adapts layout according to screen size. It works with touch-events and you can easily navigate the client on a phone or tablet.

Lobby On Desktop Browser Lobby On Mobile Client

Avatars & Table Themes

The player can choose between different avatars and table themes while playing.

Avatars Table Themes

Achievements, Challenges & Bonuses

Achievements can be completed by the player and provides a meta-game outside of the poker table. Challenges are achievements that will typically either generate a bonus payout or unlock a tournament. Challenges typically reset on a regular basis (daily/weekly/monthly). Bonuses are extra payouts to players that can be triggered internally or externally from your own bonus system. Bonuses can be paid out directly to the main account or to a bonus account where they have to be released back to the main account by rake.

Achievements, Challenges & Bonuses can trigger a notification in the client when they are completed/released.

Challenges Achievements Notifications

Player Notes

Players can add player notes and color codes to other players. The player notes are stored server-side so they will always be shown, regardless of where and how you login to the client.

Player Notes

Cubeia Poker offers a light weight and simple integration with any existing wallet. The integration consists of a handful wallet calls to handle and you will be up and running. The client is fully skinnable using standard CSS which can be overriden and done with no knowledge of the client source code what so ever. All URL links in the client are configurable through our back office, including the promotion areas.

Cubeia Poker

Agile Development Matters

Cubeia Poker is developed as a lean and agile project and the architecture and code-base reflects this. Allowing developers to start servers and services stand-alone and without databases with a single command line avoids unnecessary waiting time and complexity.
Having a modular code-base that is easy to work on means quicker turn-around and faster time to market for new features. Having a unit-tested code-base leads to less bugs in production. How will you have the best product on the market? By having the fastest development cycle!

See Cubeia Poker In Action

Containing the complete core services, Cubeia Poker Demo provides you with the opportunity to try before you buy without any pressure.

Try Cubeia Poker Now!

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