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What is Cubeia Network?

The Cubeia Network is a back office suite of high performance services and administrative tools for accounting, user management and game configurations that are typically used in igaming systems. They are not coupled directly with the game server and our goal is to make each components as stand alone as possible but still be easily integrated together. Often this suite of components is referred to as the Back Office.
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User Service

Effective and light weight user account management. Exposes REST interface for storing, updating and getting users. Handles authentication calls.

Wallet Service

Exposes REST interface for interacting with accounts. The methods exposed are typically higher level than exposed by the Accounting Service. This service is designed to interface towards games and/or integration partners such as operators or other game providers.

Accounting Service

High performance accounting. Handles monetary transactions and balances. Implements dual entry bookkeeping (debit/credit). Supports multiple currencies. Methods are exposed through a Java API.

Back Office

A web based unified web interface for the accounting and user services. The tool provides searching, filtering and editing for users and transactions as well as some basic reports. All views are highly cross referenced and supports comprehensive drill downs on most entities.

Editions & Licensing

Cubeia Network comes in two distinct licenses, Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The isolated design of Cubeia Network means that you should not be affected by the AGPL restrictions unless you start to modify the actual services themselves.


  • License
  • Users
  • Wallet
  • Account
  • Back Office


  • AGPL
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes


  • Commercial
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
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