Poker Demo updated

A new version of the poker network demo is now available for download. Grab it while its hot!

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Cubeia Poker Cloud Scalability


Would you want some cloud with your game server?

Cubeia Firebase was initially build for real money gambling and for deployment on dedicated hardware. It makes sense to control your hardware when you’re dealing with monetary systems but as gambling focus has shifted the last couple of years towards social gaming cloud based deployments makes much more sense. In this article we’ll present Cubeia Poker running on Amazon AWS and our initial load tests and evaluation.

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Cubeia + NDA = No Go

Frequently we’re asked to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). Either they’re presented at an exploratory stage or when agreements or licenses are to be written. Generally we say no to them, and here’s why.

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Debugging Class Loading with AOP

In this article I’ll briefly discuss how Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) using AspectJ can be used to debug class loading, in particular in instances where a system have multiple class loaders. I’ll assume a basic understanding of Java class loading and AOP.

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Web Socket Performance

We’re gearing up for the 1.8 release of Cubeia Firebase which will include native server-side support for HTML5 in the form of WebSockets and Comet, and naturally we want to make sure the performance is up to our normal standard. In this article we’l compare the standard Firebase binary socket communication with web sockets.

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Singleton Scalability

This article looks at a simple scalability scenario using so called “singleton” configurations of Cubeia Firebase 1.7 Enterprise Edition. It is looking at high load scenarios on limited hardware, and will discuss the implications of the test result.

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Design a Server Cluster for Load Testing

This article describes how we used JBoss Cache to create a clustered load server solution for our Java based load tool.

You want me to load test what?

At my previous place of work and currently at Cubeia, I am working with high capacity multiplayer systems. Our current game server, Firebase, is targeted to handle tens of thousands of concurrent players. One problem one quickly realizes when working with high capacity systems is that you need to verify the capacity by load testing it continuously.
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Cubeia Firebase 1.9.0

Today we release Firebase 1.9.0-CE (and of course also EE for our enterprise customers). It’s been 6 months since 1.8.0 and we’ve been using 1.9 internally for approximately 2 months now, including within a very active development project. This release can be described in two acronyms: JPA and JNDI. By adding JNDI within the server and removing JPA we’ve made it significantly easier to actually use JPA. The king is dead! Long live the king!

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Auto generated ID with Morphia and MongoDB

Following Fredriks post on unit testing Morphia and MongoDB, here’s a short how-to (with sources for the lazy) for using automatically generated integer ID with Morphia.

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