eSports Betting

eSports and betting on eSports is currently a fast growing market. There are many new actors currently emerging, we suggest to keep an eye on who is one of the up and coming kids on the block 😉

Pixelbet – bet on eSports!

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Global Poker Live!

Global Poker launched their offering late last year using a Sweepstakes model and are growing their player base ever since. Check them out here

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Bitcoin Poker Live

Nitrogen Sports have released their Bitcoin poker on their site which is based on Cubeia Poker. Head over to Nitrogen Sports and try out their sportsbook and poker!

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Applications on Cubeia Social closed

We have had a lot of poker operators signing up on Cubeia Social Poker during the last year which is great! But we also feel that with more and more operators it becomes more difficult to find the time necessary to help our operators out with technical and marketing questions.

So, we have decided to not accept any more operators on Cubeia Social on the free tier for the time being. This will let us focus more on our existing operators and helping them getting the most out of the platform.

We are still accepting Premium Operators which have a monthly minimum fee attached to them. Premium Operator accounts also have the added options of having your currency as well as single wallet integrations. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Premium Operator.

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Side Project – Hitta Bord

At Cubeia everyone usually have their own side projects going on our time. Here is one that was made by Patric at Cubeia and has just launched

If you are ever in Stockholm and want to book a table at a good restaurant, then Hitta Bord (Find a Table) will help you to find a free table quick & easy! The site was built in AngularJS and uses REST interface against a Java/Jersey server running on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

Happy eating!

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First Bitcoin Poker hands played!

The first Bitcoin Poker hands have been played on Cubeia Social by the Bitcoin operator Silk Poker! This marks a great milestone on our way to become the world’s number one Bitcoin poker network.

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Cubeia Poker no longer open source

We have decided to close the Cubeia Poker repository and no longer offer an AGPL version of Cubeia Poker.

One of the main reasons is that Cubeia Poker is getting more complex as a product. It is not your typical open source project, it is a fully integrated system rather than a library or tool. Right now Cubeia Poker in it’s minimal version includes a game server, an HTML5/Javascript client, about five web-services and two different databases (MySQL and MongoDB).

Additionally, it does take time and effort to make sure the open source repository stays updated and is not polluted with our other artifacts. Helping out the community, while rewarding on a personal level, also costs money and time. As a small company it is hard to justify this cost.

Lastly, we want to be able to take Cubeia Poker in a direction that is more closely integrated with our not-open sourced products (achievements, bonus-system etc.) and that would be very costly to do while still keeping an AGPL fork open and up to date.

So what will happen now?

The Cubeia Poker repository will be closed. We will not maintain any fork or similar open source repository of Cubeia Poker. All artifacts in our public Maven repository will still be available including the 1.0.0 release.

What about existing code I have checked out?

You are still allowed to use and work with the old AGPL source code as long as you still adhere to the AGPL license.

UPDATE 2014-05-26

We will make the AGPL repository publically available for a while longer. The AGPL repository now has a 1.0.0 version tagged that depends on stable external releases. This repository will be open for at least one week and after that we will close it again.

AGPL Repository:

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Bitcoin Beta applications are now closed

We have received a lot of interest and many applicants for our Bitcoin Beta program for Bitcoin Poker over at Cubeia Social. We have now closed the the application window and will start to roll out Bitcoin with our select Beta operators.

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Where did the downloadable demo go?

As you may have noticed we have decided to remove the downloadable demo. The downloadable demo was a nifty piece that started an entire Cubeia Poker system on your desktop computer; server, client, back-office, admin and everything. We wrapped all the services for different operative systems with scripts and native wrapper classes.

However, Cubeia Poker is quite a complex system. In the bundled demo we actually started a Java gameserver (Cubeia Firebase), about 8 Java web services in a webserver (Tomcat), a H2 relational database, a MongoDB database and an ActiveMQ message bus. To guarantee that this setup will work on every desktop out there is virtually impossible. We noticed that some people who downloaded the demo had problem getting it running and we decided that it was not feasible to try and maintain the demo any longer.

So, now we have put up a page with a link to where you can go and play the latest (and greatest) Cubeia Poker version together with an extensive list of screenshots that at least gives you a good impression of what the back office is capable of.

But if you feel adventurous and still want to try out the downloadable demo then it is still available here for a limited time. Remember that we give no guarantee that it will run on your system and we do not offer any type of support on the demo any longer.

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Cubeia to accept Bitcoin


Pressrelease, 22 January 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden) – Cubeia, a software development company, is to support Bitcoin for its B2B poker network to complement the firm’s expansion into new markets. Cubeia will unveil adoption of the crypto-currency at ICE 2014, to be held at ExCel London (stand N13 131) from the 4th to the 6th of February.

Bitcoin has been embraced as a payment mechanism by a variety of industries, but the iGaming sector is where decentralised, peer-to-peer digital currency is especially convenient. With Bitcoin being independent of banks and payment providers, players are able to cash-out their winnings immediately and with no transactions costs.

Fredrik Johansson, CEO of Cubeia, said supporting Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method was a logical next step. “Cubeia has followed the evolution of Bitcoin closely the last couple of years and we’re convinced it is here to stay. We’re very happy to be able to offer the B2B market an opportunity join this exciting frontier.”

Bitcoin support will be added to the enterprise version of Cubeia Poker and will be supported in the Cubeia Network and Cubeia Firebase. Cubeia Poker is a turnkey, HTML5 poker client that is able to run on any PC, tablet or smartphone, as well as all operating systems and all major browsers.

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