Where did the downloadable demo go?

As you may have noticed we have decided to remove the downloadable demo. The downloadable demo was a nifty piece that started an entire Cubeia Poker system on your desktop computer; server, client, back-office, admin and everything. We wrapped all the services for different operative systems with scripts and native wrapper classes.

However, Cubeia Poker is quite a complex system. In the bundled demo we actually started a Java gameserver (Cubeia Firebase), about 8 Java web services in a webserver (Tomcat), a H2 relational database, a MongoDB database and an ActiveMQ message bus. To guarantee that this setup will work on every desktop out there is virtually impossible. We noticed that some people who downloaded the demo had problem getting it running and we decided that it was not feasible to try and maintain the demo any longer.

So, now we have put up a page with a link to where you can go and play the latest (and greatest) Cubeia Poker version together with an extensive list of screenshots that at least gives you a good impression of what the back office is capable of.

But if you feel adventurous and still want to try out the downloadable demo then it is still available here for a limited time. Remember that we give no guarantee that it will run on your system and we do not offer any type of support on the demo any longer.

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Cubeia to accept Bitcoin


Pressrelease, 22 January 2014 (Stockholm, Sweden) – Cubeia, a software development company, is to support Bitcoin for its B2B poker network to complement the firm’s expansion into new markets. Cubeia will unveil adoption of the crypto-currency at ICE 2014, to be held at ExCel London (stand N13 131) from the 4th to the 6th of February.

Bitcoin has been embraced as a payment mechanism by a variety of industries, but the iGaming sector is where decentralised, peer-to-peer digital currency is especially convenient. With Bitcoin being independent of banks and payment providers, players are able to cash-out their winnings immediately and with no transactions costs.

Fredrik Johansson, CEO of Cubeia, said supporting Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method was a logical next step. “Cubeia has followed the evolution of Bitcoin closely the last couple of years and we’re convinced it is here to stay. We’re very happy to be able to offer the B2B market an opportunity join this exciting frontier.”

Bitcoin support will be added to the enterprise version of Cubeia Poker and will be supported in the Cubeia Network and Cubeia Firebase. Cubeia Poker is a turnkey, HTML5 poker client that is able to run on any PC, tablet or smartphone, as well as all operating systems and all major browsers.

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Cubeia Poker Progression

experience points

We have started to add progression to our poker deployed on Cubeia Social. First out is experience points and levels, players will reach higher levels as they play. In the near future will have tournaments etc. that are only accessible over a certain level.

In the spirit of getting the game to be more competitive and fun we have also reworked the play money (XCC) system with a much smaller starting bankroll and a strong focus on tournaments.

Check it out on Cubeia Poker

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Poker Demo

We are now happy to offically announce our poker network demo!
The demo comes in three different variants:

Virtual machine in Open Virtualization archive format (.ova)

This file can be imported in various Virtualization hosts.
We have tested and created it in VirtualBox but others should work too.


The Windows version comes in a zipped file and contains everything needed to run the poker network demo.

Bash shell script

A simple bash script to bootstrap a complete poker demo network for your own environment.

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Cubeia Provides Poker to the Indian Market

Cubeia has provided the software for a real-money poker network in India.

14 October 2013 (Stockholm, Sweden) – Software development company Cubeia is set to unveil a brand new real-money poker network in India in collaboration with local partner Mirch Entertainment.

The network is based upon the open source platform Cubeia Poker and is one the first pure-HTML5 poker clients to land on the largely untapped and exciting Indian market. The fully responsive and flexible HTML5 poker client runs on any computer and most mobile devices, as well as on all major browsers and on all operating systems.

Please see this press release for more information: Cubeia enters Indian market

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Guice AOP & Perf4J

In case you have ever worked with performance critical applications you may have stumbled across the excellent framework Perf4J. Perf4J allows developers to easily profile methods when they are called and expose the data in multiple formats. We use Perf4J in almost all of our web applications so we can keep track of performance.

Perf4J also includes a nice to use annotation, @Profiled, which is designed to use Aspects (AOP) to provide profiling to the pointcuts without having to manually start and stop timers. On their site there is no documentation on how to integrate with Guice so I took a look at if it would be possible to integrate Perf4J AOP with Guice AOP capabilities. Read on for how this can be done.

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A DSL for Poker – On Achieving Your Dreams

Six years ago, I saw some source code that has stayed with me ever since. It was a piece of Erlang code that described the game of Texas Hold’em poker. What struck me was the beautiful simplicity in that it described exactly the rules of poker and nothing else. This was very different from the legacy poker system I wrestled with at the time. I decided then and there to set a goal to create “a card rules engine”. I even added this goal to a website which kept sending me emails nagging about this goal.

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Try our Social Poker

Our social poker network is now up and running in beta mode. We have been hard at work the last couple of weeks to react to the feedback we have been getting from our players and operators. If you are interested in running your own Social Poker network as an operator you can get more information at http://www.cubeiasocial.com/ and if you want to try the game out you can play through our example integration at http://www.cubeiapoker.com/.

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Cubeia Social update

We have been releasing a lot of new things for our on Cubeia Social, check it out if you are interested in a social poker network. We are getting closer to an open beta and are really looking forward to put the product in Your hands!

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MySQL Authentication

We have added default support for integration between Cubeia Network’s user-service and legacy MySQL database. This might be useful if you already have an existing user base stored in a MySQL database and want to use that for authentication but still want to take advantage of Cubeia Network.

Read more here: MySQL Migration Adapter

Note: This will be included in Cubeia Network as of version 1.4.0

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