As you may have noticed we have decided to remove the downloadable demo. The downloadable demo was a nifty piece that started an entire Cubeia Poker system on your desktop computer; server, client, back-office, admin and everything. We wrapped all the services for different operative systems with scripts and native wrapper classes.

However, Cubeia Poker is quite a complex system. In the bundled demo we actually started a Java gameserver (Cubeia Firebase), about 8 Java web services in a webserver (Tomcat), a H2 relational database, a MongoDB database and an ActiveMQ message bus. To guarantee that this setup will work on every desktop out there is virtually impossible. We noticed that some people who downloaded the demo had problem getting it running and we decided that it was not feasible to try and maintain the demo any longer.

So, now we have put up a page with a link to where you can go and play the latest (and greatest) Cubeia Poker version together with an extensive list of screenshots that at least gives you a good impression of what the back office is capable of.

But if you feel adventurous and still want to try out the downloadable demo then it is still available here for a limited time. Remember that we give no guarantee that it will run on your system and we do not offer any type of support on the demo any longer.