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ICE 2011

Cubeia will be exhibiting at ICE in London next week. What will we have in store for the brave souls who come and visit ut?

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PushButton Engine with FlashBuilder 4

I have been looking at bit more at PushButton Engine lately, it is potentially a very good fit with Firebase + Flex API. However, setting it up in FlashBuilder 4 took some steps I couldn’t find anywhere so here are the steps I had to do.

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Using the Styx protocol in your Firebase games

Styx is the binary protocol that the Firebase Server uses for communication with clients.
The styx wire-format is a very efficient and simple binary data stream that can potentially save a lot of bandwith cost.

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From Idea To Success

I have a great idea for a game!

This has been the starting point for many meetings, someone has a refreshingly new idea for a game (social or money-based) and wants to offer it to the world. More often than not the idea is interesting and full of potential, but of course, between the idea and the smashing Zynga-esque success there is some uncharted territory.


And beware: Because here be dragons!

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