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How To Start a Low Cost Poker Network

Implementing a poker network is a very expensive project to undertake. There are many barriers to overcome; development, license(s) and player liquidity just to mention a few. The cost and effort involved has proved to be prohibitive to new actors on the market, leading to a fairly stale and static playing field. But does it have to be this way? In this article I will discuss an idea on how to start and scale up a poker network without the enterprise big bucks.

Building a low cost poker network from scratch:

  1. Use open source products
  2. Don’t use real money
  3. Iterate and find a model that attracts players
  4. Evolve into a real money network

But how would I implement the actual points? Read on…

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About Coding & Effectiveness

Just the other day a colleague of mine started a small rant of how little time in a development project that was actually writing & fixing code. I think the final crescendo was a Tweet that read:

“My dream is simple. One day, developers can spend their time on actual development..”

It seems that developers don’t riot in the street, they post a message on Twitter or Facebook. Anyway, the nerd-rage was released and so we went back to our tasks as usual.

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