Cubeia Poker : The Poker System Second to None

Cubeia Poker is a ground breaking poker system that fuses the best of engineering practices with the latest gaming concepts such as device based gaming and gamification. Cubeia Poker was designed from the ground up for the iGaming industry and was one of the first HTML5 based poker clients developed. Cubeia Poker has been in production for years.

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Cubeia Components

Cubeia Poker is turn-key poker system, including client, server, back office and database, the whole works. With Cubeia Poker, you can install your own system and provide your own poker experience with very little effort on your part.Learn More
Cubeia Firebase is a multiplayer game server written in Java. You write your game against our API and then you deploy it to the server much like you would do with a web application and a web server. Take your game development to the next level with Cubeia Firebase!Learn More
Cubeia Network is a loosely coupled suite of components that are typically used as supporting services in gaming systems. They are not coupled directly with the game server and our goal is to make each components as stand alone as possible but still be easily integrated together.Learn More
Cubeia Achievements enables achievements, leaderboards, items, awards and bonuses for virtually any game. Cubeia Achievement can work stand alone or integrated with other Cubeia components.Learn More
Cubeia Bitcoin integrates directly with the Bitcoin blockchain and allows for players to deposit and withdraw Bitcoin to and from the system. Cubeia Bitcoin work best together with Cubeia Network.Learn More
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Most of Cubeia's components are available as Open Source

At our community site you can check out the source code and take it for a test spin around the block!
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With Cubeia Social you can run your own social poker site that uses play money. We handle the technical parts of the game so you can focus on your site and brand. You get a share of all revenue produced by your players. Find out more at the Cubeia Social website.

Case Studies

Who are Cubeia?

Cubeia is a software development company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Cubeia as a company was founded in 2007, but the people at Cubeia have been active in the igaming industry for much longer than that.

Everyone that works at Cubeia has a developer background and we all love a technical challenge. Our specialty is in building high quality solutions for the gaming and gambling industry where things like scalability, redundancy and high availability are important concepts.

Our products have been used by various companies in the industry and our game server is currently serving games on sites such as BWin and MicroGaming. Our accounting software was licensed by Unibet who needed a high performance solution for their system. All our components are in production and have been certified by various gaming legalisations.

In addition to our products we also provides expertise in terms of consultancy and management.

What Clients Say

The decision to utilize Firebase and to bring Cubeia resources into the project was a game changing one for us. Not only is Firebase simply the best platform to build DiceArena on, but the knowledge and experience Cubeia brought to the table has been invaluable.
Tobias Nissen, Jadestone
The decision to use Cubeia Firebase for the multiplayer gambling platform for vsJack was a no-brainer. It has saved us a lot of development time and allowed us to concentrate more on our unique offering and ultimately bring more value to the players. Firebase has enabled our game and I have no doubt it will also enable the expansion of our customers as they scale up from here.
Christian Andersson, CEO, Vooxn AB
Cubeia Firebase has provided us with a rock solid game server that has proven to be very stable and performant. By using Cubeia Firebase we have been able to focus our time more on making the best Mahjong experience possible!
Tage Borg, CTO, Mahjong Logic AB